Here comes the cliche: Hello to the New Year

Writing a post about the New Year and how things will be oh so different and better is uber-cliche.  Regardless, I am still going to do it.

The whole accountability and punishment thing didn’t work. It was  a gimmick that I saw right through (a friend’s goading helped a bit– yep, it was you Cathy) and I have no desire to continue on that path. However, I do want to write and write a lot. I have goals, but I think the thing I need the most is a positive attitude. For some reason I am the biggest Debbie-Downer when it comes to my own writing. I think that is why I tried the whole “punish me if I don’t write” thing–not the best course of action. So now I am seeking a positive attitude and I have to use that to fight against the excuses that find me and those that I seem to seek out. If 2011 taught me anything, it is that I have to get over myself and get to work. Oooh, more cliches.

So what is the plan? Ha, what a great question that I would love to not answer. tweek tweek INITIATING ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT tweek tweek slap. That is better. Here is the answer… … … … Ah, crap. I know it involves writing.

Any suggestions will be well received.

Happy 2012, everyone.


Canning peaches sucks. Goal smashed.

I am writing this quick update between batches of canned peaches. I overdid it and bought a lot of peaches. A lot. Now I have to do something with them. Maybe this should count as my punishment for not meeting my goals the week before last. Then again, it isn’t fair that my wife should have to share the punishment. Katie is not happy about my impressive peach procurement capabilities.

That is only about a fourth of the peaches...

Last night I topped off the last of my 2100 words. That felt great, even if I was up late attacking my keyboard. So the character in my book is named Bret Reynolds. I didnt know his last name until last night around the 1800 word mark. It was like “bam, dude’s name is Reynolds.” I love it when the muse showers knowledge upon me.

This week I am taking a step back. Holiday weekends should not be spent in front of a computer, but with family and lots of yummy foods (yes, Cathy, I like food a lot. Didn’t you see me light up like crazy when you gave me a whole bag of m&m oatmeal cookies?). So the goal this week is a modest 1500 words. I already wrote my TWOS story, the title is awesome, and so any further writing will be pure Bret Reynolds story.

I want to thank everyone so far for their support. This blog is becoming a valuable tool for me. Now back to the peaches… joy.


I failed! Man, that sucks to type. I waited, procrastinated, and alienated my writing this last week. Now I have to pay for it. Jon and Quentin, you can stop dancing around and giggling like gigantic and slightly less hairy chipmunks.

I did make it to 1800 words. No TWOS story, just pure book.

This is a crucial part in my process, I am venturing into the land of insecurity and doubt. Every time I have started a larger project I get to the 1500 word mark and decide I have no clue what I am doing, that no one will really care about what I have to write or say, and that ‘ TV is gooder than books.’

Now I am about 2600 words into this book, or was (I scrapped a bit of it already, haven’t figured out how to shut up my inner critic) and am swimming in doubt. I don’t think there is anything I can do but forge ahead and deal with it. Bleh.

So, now I have to anticipate what comes next. A pool noodle flogging has been suggested.


I am resetting my goal at 2100 words for this week.

Hahaha… This isn’t funny.

So it is Sunday evening and I have a measly 250 words written. Not for the day, but total. I am far away from my goal and that is not good. In my defense there are some excuses. Yes, I am aware that excuses are like gallbladders: most people have them, they are almost worthless, and they can turn on you and make life hell.

Regardless, this week was busy. My birthday was on Monday, I took it easy. I worked as usual, nothing big about that. I played Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for, well crud, I played it a lot, but only for two nights.

Katie and I have been watching a BBC show on Netflix called ‘Survivors’, it is irritatingly full of cliffhangers and characters that are actually interesting. We have one more episode left. Come to find out, it was discontinued and thus ends with the mother of all cliffhangers.

Then we went to my daughter’s new school open house. She starts school tomorrow and that is causing all kinds of “busy-ness” at the house.

Friday we went to my parent’s and got back around ten and I crashed into bed.

Saturday I gave blood, overdid it afterward and got all dizzy and sick until the afternoon. Then our router finally gave up the ghost and I had to redo the whole network with a new router. I was all excited about this until I had to reconfigure the wireless card in our printer. Include a break for my birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and then a quick jaunt to the theater to see Captain America (the highlight was that multiple people thought the theater was a lot bigger inside, it was very dark, and me being in the last row, I was privileged to watch four different couples walk into the wall. I know, I am awful. Break over, I come back to the printer, get it up and running. Then I try to hook my external hard drive up into the router (this feature had me way happy about being able to access and backup files through the router), but the thing wont show up on the list of devices. After an hour on the phone with a woman in India that I cant half understand I find out my router wont support an external memory device that is larger than a terabyte. Mine is like 1002 gigs. Pooh.

Today was church, meetings, final prep for Abby’s first day of school. Now the kids are in bed, sort of, and I am going to go write 1800 words. Accountability evidently is working.

August 8-14 Goal: 2000 Words

The first week of my experiment. I have to say that I am both very excited and nervous. A friend has already volunteered the punishment for this week.

Two grown men beating me with sticks is a little drastic Jon. You know better than to get Quentin so excited. So don’t get out your quarterstaff just yet. Continue reading