My Community

Daniel Hope, author of The Inevitable, at Speculative Intent – Dan and I have been friends since the seventh grade where we hit if off making fun of our teacher. Dan and I, along with Jon Clapier, founded Fiction Vortex.

Alan Heathcock, author of Volt – Al is a literary mastermind. I met him at Boise State University, took numerous classes from him. One of the most gracious guys I know. He took me seriously as a writer. I will always be grateful to him for that.

David Mark Brown, author of The Lost DMB Files (and other books) – David is part of my writing group. The guy is always eager to help other writers get up and going.

Michael R. Collings, author of Writing Darkness (and other books) – Professor Collings knows his horror, he has the credentials to prove it. I started reading Lovecraft just so I could feel like I knew what I was talking about around Prof. Collings. Also, he keeps me sane when he stops by to visit at my work.

Jonathon Clapier, or, as my kids call him, Jon Jon, is part of the Fiction Vortex Founders. When I’m in a pinch, Jon is always ready to help me out. His imagination and enthusiasm take turns trying to see which is the more dominant trait, but when they play nice with each other… Wooohweee! Watch out world! We’re working hard to get his book in your hands soon.

KJ Knowlton, my local living Star Wars encyclopedia. Also a member of my writing group.


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