Hah! I still have a blog?

I was sifting through my favorites and found the link back to here. Yes, I was lost. Now I am found.

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I failed! Man, that sucks to type. I waited, procrastinated, and alienated my writing this last week. Now I have to pay for it. Jon and Quentin, you can stop dancing around and giggling like gigantic and slightly less hairy chipmunks.

I did make it to 1800 words. No TWOS story, just pure book.

This is a crucial part in my process, I am venturing into the land of insecurity and doubt. Every time I have started a larger project I get to the 1500 word mark and decide I have no clue what I am doing, that no one will really care about what I have to write or say, and that ‘ TV is gooder than books.’

Now I am about 2600 words into this book, or was (I scrapped a bit of it already, haven’t figured out how to shut up my inner critic) and am swimming in doubt. I don’t think there is anything I can do but forge ahead and deal with it. Bleh.

So, now I have to anticipate what comes next. A pool noodle flogging has been suggested.


I am resetting my goal at 2100 words for this week.