Weekly Recap: Meat, Rootbeer, First Time Published

Well, I am sure that I have neglected my blog again. Fortunately I didn’t see any decrease in visitors or traffic… or an increase… or any visitors or traffic. Drat.

Here are the highlights of this week:

Monday: Family night with Katie and the kiddos. Mediocre episode of Castle.

jimmyfallon_ewTuesday: Eli is taking his first steps like a champ. Finished my ‘Mary Sue’ article for Fiction Vortex. I made Katie get out of bed to watch another ‘Ew!’ skit on Fallon.

meatWednesday: I vigorously rubbed two pork butts and threw them on my Treager. Jon Jon came over and helped me with sprinklers. I bought Katie a lemonade from the Burnt Lemon Grill… I only drank half of it. Pork sliders for dinner with the family. Then off to Canyon County Spec Fic Writers writing group at the Flying M, but not before Jon Jon and I stopped for some Bucksnort Root Beer. I went to bed without knowing Every Day Fiction published my story previously that morning.

Thursday: Halfway through work I found out Every Day Fiction published my story ‘Joe’s Geriatric Diversion‘ the day before. I worked on the non-functioning sprinklers while it was sprinkling rain–after I had my share of yard work irony I went inside to find my two oldest kiddos up and making the baby laugh maniacally. I put them to bed, showered, made a peanut butter banana oatmeal chocolate shake. Then before bed, I shamelessly plastered all of my social media pages with links to my first published story ever.

Friday: Woke up and plugged my story some more. Slogged through work. Came home and replaced my serpentine belt on my car. NOTE: This was the second time replacing it–I replaced it the prior Saturday. I started the first phase of mourning upon hearing Community was cancelled.

And now I am sitting here, not writing anything that I should be writing.



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