Here comes the cliche: Hello to the New Year

Writing a post about the New Year and how things will be oh so different and better is uber-cliche.  Regardless, I am still going to do it.

The whole accountability and punishment thing didn’t work. It was  a gimmick that I saw right through (a friend’s goading helped a bit– yep, it was you Cathy) and I have no desire to continue on that path. However, I do want to write and write a lot. I have goals, but I think the thing I need the most is a positive attitude. For some reason I am the biggest Debbie-Downer when it comes to my own writing. I think that is why I tried the whole “punish me if I don’t write” thing–not the best course of action. So now I am seeking a positive attitude and I have to use that to fight against the excuses that find me and those that I seem to seek out. If 2011 taught me anything, it is that I have to get over myself and get to work. Oooh, more cliches.

So what is the plan? Ha, what a great question that I would love to not answer. tweek tweek INITIATING ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT tweek tweek slap. That is better. Here is the answer… … … … Ah, crap. I know it involves writing.

Any suggestions will be well received.

Happy 2012, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Here comes the cliche: Hello to the New Year

  1. I’m glad to help end the insanity and see you moving forward in a more productive manner. I really do believe that “attitude” is key. Believe in yourself. Believe in your gift. Believe in your dreams. Happy New Year!

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