I failed! Man, that sucks to type. I waited, procrastinated, and alienated my writing this last week. Now I have to pay for it. Jon and Quentin, you can stop dancing around and giggling like gigantic and slightly less hairy chipmunks.

I did make it to 1800 words. No TWOS story, just pure book.

This is a crucial part in my process, I am venturing into the land of insecurity and doubt. Every time I have started a larger project I get to the 1500 word mark and decide I have no clue what I am doing, that no one will really care about what I have to write or say, and that ‘ TV is gooder than books.’

Now I am about 2600 words into this book, or was (I scrapped a bit of it already, haven’t figured out how to shut up my inner critic) and am swimming in doubt. I don’t think there is anything I can do but forge ahead and deal with it. Bleh.

So, now I have to anticipate what comes next. A pool noodle flogging has been suggested.


I am resetting my goal at 2100 words for this week.


One thought on “Dabflibbinnabbit!

  1. At least you can identify your moment of crisis…. I’m halfway through chapter three of my book and I’m lost right now. I keep going back to rewrite and I’m worried that I’m going to end up with two and a half chapters of great prose that never goes anywhere. We should both be flogged!

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